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21 2024 K-BEAUTY EXPO VIETNAM Newsletter Vol.1 관리자 2024-07-11
20 2024 Saigon Beauty Show has opened!! 관리자 2024-03-01
19 Saigon Beauty Show & K-Beauty Expo Vietnam 2021 Re-scheduled to 4-6 November 2021 관리자 2021-04-09
18 [Cosmetics Design-Asia] Government boost? Vietnam’s booming e-commerce sector fosters new opportunities for cosmetic brands SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-06-22
17 [Cosmetics Design-Asia] Clean beauty 2020: Two-thirds of women worldwide want greater label transparency, finds survey SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-06-22
16 [Vnexpress] South Korean pop culture drives Vietnam cosmetics sales: survey SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-05-15
15 [Cosmetics Design-Asia] Decoding COVID-19 impact: Colour cosmetics to slow, personal hygiene and skin care to soar? SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-05-08
14 [RETAIL GROWTH] Emerging trends in beauty & cosmetic industry amid COVID-19 SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-05-08
13 [GlobeNewswire] Asia Pacific Halal Cosmetics Market is poised to reach US$ 4.8 Bn by end of 2027, Says CMI SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-05-08
12 [Cosmetics] The Clean & Ethical Beauty boom: How to connect with the conscious consumer SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-04-24
11 [Cosmetics Dsign Asia] The COVID-19 impact: Vietnam personal care market jumps by double-digits SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-04-24
10 [BEAUTY PACKAGING] What Boosts Sales of Beauty Products in Asia? SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-04-17
9 [Cosmetics] COVID-19 and conscious beauty: Emerging trend will get a boost in the aftermath of pandemic SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-04-17
8 [VNEXPRESS] Affluence, e-commerce make Vietnam a lucrative cosmetics market SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-04-08
7 [The Business Times] Southeast Asian beauty buyers turning to influencers over celebrities for guidance SAIGON BEAUTY SHOW 2020-04-08
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